“Jack Staub and Renny Reynolds embody all the traits that one sees in the very best gardeners—fearlessness, passion, and an indefatigable desire to create a very personal version of paradise. Hortulus Farm is set squarely and joyfully at the intersection of man and nature.”

James Brayton Hall, president and CEO, The Garden Conservancy

• • •

“Vision, tenacity, and a perfectionist’s eye are the qualities that shine out from this account of a paradise garden created by one of America’s foremost stylists. This is a thrilling and inspiring story.”

—Anna Pavord, author of The Tulip, The Curious Gardener and Landskipping

• • •

“A fabulous adventure in armchair gardening—all of the pleasure and none of the backache!”

—Jinny Blom, landscape gardener and author of The Thoughtful Gardener

• • •

“Jack and Renny have set the stage for others to be inspired by their design excellence and story. Chasing Eden is not only a beautiful book; it will serve as a template for generations of future gardeners to create their very own Garden of Eden.”

—Paul B. Redman, president and CEO, Longwood Gardens

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