HORTULUS FARM is a one hundred acre 18th century farmstead and nursery operation, situated amidst the beautiful, rolling hills of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  The gardens were created by famed garden and event designer Renny Reynolds and noted garden author Jack Staub, and have been called both "one of Pennsylvania's secret treasures" and "a garden of world-class charm."  A longtime member of Greater Philadelphia Gardens, in 2015, Hortulus Farm was honored by being made the second-only-in-their-history Affiliate Garden of The Garden Conservancy, giving it major new national prominence.  The Hortulus Farm Foundation was created in 2000 to ensure that this historic property will continue to exist as a public place of tranquility and horticultural inspiration in perpetuity.  The gardens and museum at Hortulus Farm are open for tours from May to October as well as for weddings and location shooting for photography or film year round.

The property is the ancient seat of the Thompson and Warner families, and an original William Penn land grant of 1683.  The Isaiah Warner house, the classic stone home that centers the property, was built between 1793 and 1830, and was added to the U.S. Registry of Historic Places in 2004.  Two immense dairy barns as well as other outbuildings were added in about 1860 and the property was worked as a significant dairy operation by the original owners’ descendants right into the 20th century.

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HORTULUS FARM is one of the 30+ gardens that makes Philadelphia America's Garden Capital. Collectively, these gardens, located within 30 miles of Philadelphia, provide more than just an inspiring place to relax and experience extraordinary horticulture; they generate substantial economic benefits for the region—an estimated $256 million a year. The gardens, including HORTULUS FARM, support more than 1,500 jobs—with total earnings of $79 million—and generate $3.6 million a year in business, sales, and income tax revenue in Pennsylvania. Learn more about how public gardens contribute to overall economic development at americasgardencapital.org.