Hortulus Farm, a 100-acre property, features twenty-four separate gardens on 30 of its acres, linked by paths, greenswards, and bridges passing over local Fire Creek. In spring, the Hortulus Farm lawns and woodlands are ablaze with over 200,000 daffodils, narcissus, bluebells, native dogwoods, and Delaware Valley white azaleas. Particularly notable later in the season are imposing perennial and summer borders, a lush woodland walk circumnavigating the lake, birch and pine allées, pool and fountain gardens, and a splendidly re-conceived kitchen garden. The historic barns and outbuildings at Hortulus Farm are home to a colorfully diverse family of farm animals, including dogs, horses, cats, sheep, chickens, ducks, swans, peacocks, and pheasants. 

Everyday • May to October •  10-4

The Gardens at Hortulus Farm are open for both Self- Guided Tours and Founder-Guided Tours, lead by one of the Founders of the gardens. We are sorry but, due to the large number of wildfowl on the farm, dogs are not welcome in the gardens, even on leashes.

Self-Guided Tours: Groups of 8 or fewer are welcome to self-tour seven days a week, May to October, 10:00am - 4:00pm, without a reservation for a donation of $15 per person. You will be handed a numbered map (see below) upon arrival corresponding to numbered signage found in the gardens. If you are a group of 8 or fewer but would like a Founder-Guided Tour, your minimum donation to The Hortulus Farm Foundation will be $200, the requested donation for 8 guests.

Founder-Guided Tours: Guided tours lead by Renny Reynolds or Jack Staub, Founders of Hortulus Farm, are available to groups of 8 or more by appointment for a donation of $25 per person. This is a rare opportunity to learn about the evolution of the gardens through the eyes of the two individuals who created them. They take approximately an hour and a half; most groups arrive about 10:00 in the morning and reserve time at the end of the tour for a visit to the nursery but afternoon tours are also available. Please be advised that if your group comprises fewer than 8 guests on your tour date, your minimum donation will still be $200 or, alternatively, you can choose to self-tour.  

For an additional donation, groups of 8 or more may also include a Museum & House Tour, and Boxed Lunches to be enjoyed on the terrace of the house or in our nursery event space (weather-dependent).  Other more elaborate luncheon options such as rented tables, chairs, centerpieces, wine, music, etc. are also available upon request.  Alternatively, if you are a group of 8 or more and would like to bring your own lunches and make use of our nursery or terrace dining areas, we are happy to transport them for you for an additional fee.

Our 30 acres of gardens demand a good deal of heartiness and mobility to navigate, and are not wheelchair friendly.  If any of your guests have difficulty getting around, perhaps this is not the correct outing for them. 

We urge all of our visitors to wear sensible walking shoes and come prepared for a good walk. 

Our nursery parking area is equipped to accept buses, as well as individuals arriving by car.  For driving directions, please visit our Contact page.  All parking and admission is at the nursery at #60 Thompson Mill Road.  Please do not use the private drive at #62.  Restrooms are available only at the nursery, so please avail yourself of them upon your arrival, before your tour. 

Self-Guided Tour:  $15 per person

For Groups Of 8 Or More:
Founder-Guided Tour:  $25 per person
Add Museum Tour:  $10 per person
Add First Rate Boxed Lunch:  $25 per person
Bring-Your-Own Lunch:  Add $10 per person

All tour fees constitute donations to The Hortulus Farm Foundation, a 501c3 foundation, and are tax deductible to the furthest extent allowed by law.

To book a tour, please fill out the online Tour Request Form on our Contact page.  Your inquiry will receive a prompt reply by email with a confirmation and itinerary.  Please be sure to indicate the size of your group, whether or not you will require lunches, and do provide adequate contact information. If you require lunches, menu options will be emailed to you promptly. 


    1   Nursery & Parking   2   Peony Walk   3   Birch Allée   4   Shady Stream Walk   5   Woodland Walk   6   Yellow Garden   7   Dell Garden   8   French Garden   9   Cutting Round   10   Kitchen Garden   11   Herb Gardens   12   Edible Rooms   13   Fruit Border   14   Perennial Borders   15   Pool Garden   16   Summer Borders   17   Pine & Dogwood Allée   18   Specimen Arboretum   19   Crabapple Orchard   20   Mediterranean Garden   21   Urn Garden    


1 Nursery & Parking 2 Peony Walk 3 Birch Allée 4 Shady Stream Walk 5 Woodland Walk 6 Yellow Garden 7 Dell Garden 8 French Garden 9 Cutting Round 10 Kitchen Garden 11 Herb Gardens 12 Edible Rooms 13 Fruit Border 14 Perennial Borders 15 Pool Garden 16 Summer Borders 17 Pine & Dogwood Allée 18 Specimen Arboretum 19 Crabapple Orchard 20 Mediterranean Garden 21 Urn Garden